Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beautiful Imposter BLOG TOUR starts tomorrow!

Whoo-hoo! Last week's launch party was a huge success. Nearly 200 friends and friends of friends stopped in for a quick hello or visited for a little while, posted a comment, cracked a joke, wished me well or gave me a clap on the back after buying my debut short story, Beautiful Imposter. I know how busy all of you were with your day-to-day so it was a real honor for me that you took the time to remember, and hang out.

But . . . just because the launch is over doesn't mean the celebrations have ended. It's time for the AFTER PARTY!

Tomorrow, I kick off a three-week blog tour of my adult contemporary short, and it's full of great stops with incredible book bloggers. Props and shout outs to them now for hosting me! I've got a blog tour banner on my personal page that bloggers have agreed to share on their pages. Very cool of them!

If you're just catching wind of the tour, be sure to check my FB pages for updates. And, if a calendar wasn't awesome enough, one or two of these awesome bloggers are keeping the details of my stops a secret from me. Which if you know me at all is like telling me I have the option of choosing what's behind Secret Door No. 5. How I love me a good surprise!

I'm a curious person by nature. As a kid I'd go off on some wild adventure, all suited up. Depending on the afternoon, I would either be slaying dragons and rescuing damsels, or flying into outer space and blasting through enemy lines, or unloading a six-shooter into the tyrant preying on the decent folk of a dusty frontier town.

I'm a far cry from those nostalgic years of my youth, but the quest for adventure remains no less the same. Beautiful Imposter marks my first departure from writing adventure, fantasy and science-fiction stories, none of which have seen the light of day. 

I may publish something in that genre but for now I'm focusing my time on getting the word out about Beautiful Imposter!

Since its release, it has garnered great reviews on Amazon (US and UK), Smashwords, Goodreads, Facebook, and on book blogs.

One of the aspects of the story ARC readers seem to comment on most is the "initial BANG" and the unexpected "twist." It's shocking, but then again, it's all part of the drama these characters endure for the sake of love. As you'll discover, Beautiful Imposter is more than a story about infidelity. It is a story about love, anger, grief, forgiveness, and compassion.

Reading those early reviews and the reviews since have given me a great boost. Gave me a wry smile too. In case you've got the a bug of curiosity buzzing around your ear, read what some of those reviewers have had to say:

"It was Captivating, Heartbreaking & Tragic.. ..a story of Surviving, Healing & Forgiving......learning to move forward with Friendship, Love & Hope. Truly Touching in every way!" — Amy. 
"This is a short story, a novella, full of sadness, sweetness and an interesting story. I read it last night in about an hour, it was a page turner from every point of view." — Sue McG. 
"Beautiful Imposter is a short and sweet story that gives us a little taste of everything. All in all, I enjoyed the book; but I enjoyed it more the second time. This is a quick read so I encourage you to feel the book as you read it, and reread it to discover things you didn’t see or understand before." — Joe Cool Review.

Here's the calendar:

Sept. 3 ➤ TeaWithTheBookNerd www.teawiththebooknerd.blogspot.com
Sept. 4 ➤ Mia Downing http://miadowning.blogspot.com/
Sept. 6 ➤ Melissa Toppen
Sept. 9 ➤ Shooting the Breeze http://chasitybreeze.blogspot.com
Sept. 11 ➤ Crash the Party http://indieauthorcrash.wordpress.com
Sept. 12 ➤ Delisha's Place http://delisha1964.wordpress.com
Sept. 16 ➤ Tara Mill's Romance http://www.taramillsromance.com/index.html

If this is the first time you and I are meeting, let me say thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger. I've got a personal FB page here and a FB author page here

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