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Reeve spins dark, offbeat tale in 'Reaper'

T.L. Reeve
Striking a deal with the devil so you can atone for the mistakes of someone else can and will lead to dire consequences, for you and most likely the people around you. Don't believe me? Ask author T.L. Reeve. She's published a story, Reaper's Mercy, that wrestles with this very dilemma. How far would you go to save your father from eternal damnation? Not far? Not far enough? Too far? Before she answers any of those chilling questions, I've asked her a few questions of my own. So, pull up a chair, adjust your screen brightness, and have a read. You might just learn a thing or two on how to avoid gambling away your immortal soul . . . to that guy with the brimstone breath.

1. Before you tell us about your book, why don’t you share a little bit about yourself.
Well, I am a single mom of a beautiful little girl. I was born and raised in sunny SoCal and spent most of my time on the beach. Didn’t matter if it was hot or cold. I also like to work on muscle cars. Nothing like getting greased up while you’re elbow deep in a big block engine.

2. Outside of writing, what sort of activities do you enjoy?
I like camping and fishing. I read and draw some. I’m not very good with the drawing thing, but I do enjoy it. I like to get outside, I don’t care where I go, but I just have to get away.

3. Do you have a favorite food, snack, and/or beverage?
Coke and corn chips or pretzels, that’s it.

4. Authors draw from a wide variety of experiences, from their own lives as well as the lives of others. Which is the richest source for you?
I think I pull tons of stuff from my life, but I also listen to others. The stories that people can tell you about their lives, especially older people, is just so rich and ripe with information and knowledge.

5. Of the stories you have written so far, which is your favorite and why?
Reaper’s Mercy. I believe that I stepped so far out of my box writing this one, that I’m so proud of myself. The characters are different and story just builds upon itself until the final scene. When you’re done, you can’t believe you read it all. I’m not giving anything away LOL!

6. Embarrassing moment. Do you have one? Or better yet, are you sure you want to put it out there?
I do. I don’t mind sharing either. It’s been 20 years since it happened. In high school I was in drama. We did a Christmas pageant and I played a few characters in it, plus I was also in band. Once we were done with the music part of the production, I had to change out of my uniform and into my costume. I had 3 mins. I needed more time. It takes longer than that to get dressed, trust me. A band uniform is the most difficult suit you’ll even attempt to wear. Anyway, I went out on stage sans shoes since I didn’t have time to change fully. When the music started and we had to dance, yours truly slipped on the highly glossed stage. Oh yes people, I face planted. Full on went for it. If they would have scored it, it would have been a 10. For the rest of the year, I wasn’t TL, I was the kid who fell on stage. Ah, high school, how I don’t miss you. LOL!

7. What genres do you write for? Are there any that you haven’t that you would like to explore?
Better question, which one don’t I write in. I like being diverse and able to adapt to any situation. The genres I’d like to work in are post-apocalyptic, (I love Resident Evil, and zombies. I love the thought of a government super bug wiping out the human race type books), and westerns. I can’t write a western to save my life.

8. What advice would you give new authors?
Keep writing and ask questions. Listen to your editor, don’t fight with them, they’re trying to help you out. If you’re not sure of something, go to someone in the company, your EIC, anyone and ask questions. There are no stupid questions, only those not asked.

9. Now that we’ve had a chance to get to know you, tell us about the latest story you have out now?
Reaper’s Mercy. The story is about Alastair and Kimber. Kimber is just your ordinary Joe trying to make it in the world. His father has disowned him and he’s okay with that. He rather enjoys it, really. But even when things are crappy, they can get worse, and that’s where Alastair comes in. He’s a reaper. Kimber’s father broke a contract with the devil and it is Kimber’s soul Alastair is after. However, Kimber has been given 72hr to prove his father is hell bent on seeing him die. The only hitch, Death has to stay with Kimber. (Not going to spoil it, you’ll need to read the book.)

Death was at the door for me. I knew it. His shadowy, ominous figure cast long shadows against my front door with each burst of lightning from overhead. I cowered; sliding down the door as lightning flashed again, and thunder clapped mere seconds afterward. My number was up. The sands of time had spent right down to the last grain, and I wasn’t ready.  Glancing up at the clock on the wall facing the fireplace, I noted the time. Twelve forty-seven. I burned it into my memory.

Watching the second hand strike each second it passed, I shook with fear, petrified by what would happen next. The only chance I had was to answer the door, embrace death, and go on to the hereafter or wherever the hell we go when we die. But I didn’t want to. I hadn’t lived yet. I-I-I hadn’t met the person I was supposed to fall in love with. I hadn’t done anything special with my life. So, why was Death standing on my stoop with rain falling around him while the raging storm grew angrier by the second? It made no sense. Momentary confusion swamped my brain. None of this made any sense whatsoever. I was panicking. I knew that instinctively, yet I couldn’t muster the care to worry about what I must have looked like at the moment. Quite frankly, it didn’t matter either. I was deader than a doornail. Pushing up daisies. Tiptoeing through the tulips.

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