Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Sassy Wordwench killed in car accident, friends to hold auction to help her son

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The Colourful Word Wench has launched the donation drive and auction. < Follow this link, and there, read the navigation instructions before bidding on a particular item. CWW has done a great job keeping the page as clutter-free as possible so people like you have a fun time looking around at all the amazing donations that have poured in since the donation launched, Monday, March 10, 2014, and runs through March 24, 2014, so check back often. New items are arriving, and new bids are posting. Thank you.

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Carson K. Carlisle had a smile that could light up the room. Her positive outlook and sweet, fun-loving personality seemed never-ending. She loved her son, family, friends, and those book wenches she spent so much of her spare time with, reading and sharing her favorite book boyfriends.

Carson, known to readers and bloggers and authors in the indie-publishing community as The Sassy Wordwench, died this weekend in a car accident.

Following the news of her death on her Facebook wall, family and friends began to share their memories of her. The outpouring of love that continues to appear is evidence of the kind of person that she was, adventurous, spirited, conscientious, and caring.

Friends, authors, bloggers, editors, Carson's legacy lives on in her son. Her close friend, The Colourful Wordwench who co-operated the FB page Word Wenches Guilty Pleasure is coordinating an auction, the proceeds from which will help defray the cost of Carson's funeral expenses and provide support to her son.

In this time of need, please consider making a donation. Word Wenches will be hosting an auction for items donated. Please message her directly for details.

Thank you,